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The IFSL Brunsdon Investment Funds

Institutional investment opportunities for private individuals

An alternative investment solution

The directors of Brunsdon Financial Services (BFS) established the IFSL* Brunsdon Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) in October 2011, with Brunsdon Asset Management (BAM) as the fund sponsor. The OEIC has two sub-funds, the IFSL Brunsdon Cautious Fund (Cautious Fund) and the IFSL Brunsdon Adventurous Funds (Adventurous Fund), which are collectively known as the IFSL Brunsdon Funds.

Most investors want a decent return in an environment that offers a high degree of insulation against the vagaries of the market. The IFSL Brunsdon Funds aim to increase the value of your investment over the medium to long-term. The fund is actively managed and is known as a “fund of funds” which means that it invests mainly in other investment funds. The Fund uses rigorous performance analysis and risk management techniques when selecting its investments on an ongoing basis. Economies of scale mean that everyone can enjoy the rewards of the IFSL Brunsdon Funds without necessarily having to invest substantial amounts of money. We believe the IFSL Brunsdon Funds offer just that and would recommend them as part of a serious investment strategy.

Our Partners

Brooks Macdonald (BM) Funds Limited has been selected to manage the funds, with Jonathan Webster-Smith as the lead fund manager. They adopt an active management approach to the funds, incorporating both tactical asset allocation and fund selection decisions.

*IFSL - Investment Fund Services Ltd. - is part of the Marlborough Group and is the Authorised Corporate Director for the Funds. The IFSL Brunsdon Funds are regulated and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority through IFSL.

Investment Strategy

A vertically integrated fund of funds (FOF) proposition has been created that provides ten investment strategies that are directly mapped to the outputs of the BFS risk assessment process. Each strategy comprises a blend of the BAM Funds (and other funds for strategies 1, 2, 9 and 10) and has a target level of volatility to reflect each risk classification. The blend of funds and strategic asset allocation of each strategy is determined via annually reviewed stochastic modelling that is provided by Thesis Asset Management plc (Thesis). The target volatility for each strategy is illustrated below.

We have then used Stochastic modelling (sophisticated financial modelling that takes useful data from the past and combines it with the present to model the future) to make predictions based upon the variances in differing asset class performance over time. The output of the modelling has produced a specific strategic asset allocation (combination of asset classes) for levels of risk measured on a one to ten scale. As volatility increases therefore we would expect an increased range between maximum gains and maximum losses (which is borne out by the Stochastic modelling outputs), with consequently higher returns as risk increases.

Note - Maximum gains and losses estimated on basis of 95% probability for the maximum gain or loss in any one year. These figures are based over the past 20 years and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.


BAM operates its own Investment Committee (BAM IC). The IC will govern the IFSL Brunsdon Funds (and strategies derived therefrom) and monitor the appointed fund manager on a monthly basis, with quarterly Investment Committee meetings.

The investment management of the funds has been outsourced to Brooks MacDonald Funds Ltd. The BAM IC will meet with the fund manager(s) on a quarterly basis to monitor the fund management of the two Brunsdon funds.

Brunsdon Blended Investment Strategies

The Brunsdon Blended Investment Strategies are an integral component of our central investment process which is designed to deliver consistent, risk-based investment solutions to clients. Each of our investment strategies has been designed to meet a specific attitude to risk using an optimal blend of our two Funds – the IFSL Brunsdon Cautious Growth Fund and the IFSL Brunsdon Adventurous Growth Fund – to provide a tailored investment solution for each client –, as illustrated in the following graph:

Download our Investment Strategy sheets here.
BAM Strategy Sheet 3
BAM Strategy Sheet 4
BAM Strategy Sheet 5
BAM Strategy Sheet 6
BAM Strategy Sheet 7
BAM Strategy Sheet 8

A historical perspective

Investments follow a distinct pattern. The lean times of market volatility and stagnation are invariably followed by periods of sustained growth. Significantly the trend is for growth in the long term and this underlines the IFSL Brunsdon Investment Fund’s philosophy and investment strategy.

How to invest

Speak to your financial adviser who will be able to help you decide whether the IFSL Brunsdon Funds are right for you. Your adviser will be able to answer your questions and discuss their suitability for your personal investment strategy.

The IFSL Brunsdon Funds can be invested via a range of tax-efficient products such as pensions, ISAs and investment bonds.

The BAM proposition is highly competitive versus other risk-rated fund of funds propositions to provide a value for money proposition, with the price monitored on an ongoing basis against a reference group of similar propositions. It aims to provide a long-term investment solution through energetic fund management, super-diversified asset allocation and protection against market volatility.

Brunsdon’s Investment Committee regularly sits to monitor the Funds and Investment Managers to ensure constant delivery to our mandate of optimum performance and volatility management.

Find out more by downloading our IFSL Brunsdon Investment Funds brochure which should be read in conjunction with our Key Investor Information Documents and Prospectus which are available on request.

Download our latest Fund Fact Sheet:
IFSL Brunsdon Adventurous Growth Fund
IFSL Brunsdon Cautious Growth Fund

See the latest real-time fund information from Bloomberg:
IFSL Brunsdon Cautious Growth Fund -
IFSL Brunsdon Adventurous Growth Fund -

The IFSL Brunsdon OEIC may not be suitable for very low risk or very high risk investors. Investments can fall as well as rise, irrespective of the level of risk chosen and the value of an investment and any income generated from it cannot be guaranteed and can fall as well as rise as a result of market volatility. You may not get back the amount originally invested. Please also note that tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.

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